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Apr 13, 2014


There are days where I absolutely hate my life waking up every morning going to school, knowing I should have been almost done but instead of being focused and determined. I got caught up in the “fun.” Or even being stuck in a place where I once called home years ago. I also hate the fact I do some much for people and they only find the negative in things rather then appreciate the fact that me and other people around are willing to help. But in the end I just receive a slap to the face, and have a person say I only do shit that benefits me or that I don’t appreciate the things do for ME. Clearly people.dont know ons shit about me. But my advice to you is look the in mirror before you start judging or criticizing other ppl. Cause in the end if you continue. You will have no one .

♡Giovanna ♡

Apr 11, 2014

I miss my babe. He’s been by my side for the good and the bad. And I love him more each and every day for that.


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